CEC Develops Smart Medical Settlement Solution for Dezhou City

作者: 中国电子
发布于: 2022-01-10 16:50
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It has been a knotty and long-standing problem for people having to make multiple payments during each clinic visit and make multiple visits for each medical reimbursement. China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd. (CESTC), a subsidiary of CEC, as the contractor for the Dezhou City Brain project, leverages a digital platform for the mutual coordination of 6 government departments and commissions, such as Dezhou Development and Reform Commission, Dezhou Medical Insurance Administration, Dezhou Health Commission in development of the “Easy Medical Care” app as a means to resolve the problems that are of great importance to local people.

When the user of the medical insurance scheme signs up and logs in the “Easy Medical Care” account, the system will offer an initial credit limit ranging from 600 RMB to 1,000 RMB based on the personal credit. This saves the patient’s time and efforts from having to repeatedly wait in line to pay for the cost of registration, examination, lab tests, pharmacy, etc. Instead, these costs are deducted from credit limit. Patients no longer need to make any payments during this process. At the end of the clinic visit, the system will automatically check the bill and claim reimbursement by deducting it directly from the account. The self-payment amount just needs to be paid online within 72 hours after the clinic visit. Contracted users who have commercial medical insurance can claim second reimbursement also through the platform, which will greatly reduce the efforts of patients.

This service is now deployed at 2 pilot hospitals in Dezhou City, including Pingyuan County People’s Hospital and Ningjin County People’s Hospital, allowing local people in the medical insurance scheme to “see the doctor first, and pay later” on one’s credit. In the future, the service will gradually cover more areas and more people. With “Easy Medical Care”, average time for clinic visit will be reduced from 3.5 hours to 45 minutes.


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