China Electronics Corporation

China Electronics Corporation (CEC) is one of the key state-owned enterprises directly under the administration of central government, a Chinese enterprise which takes Cyberspace Security and Informatization as its core business and has key core technologies of computer CPU and operating system. Adhering to the corporate mission and development concept of “Building a Cyberspace-strong Nation, Linking a Better World”, CEC has successfully broke through key core technologies such as high-end general-purpose chips and operating systems, and built a safe, advanced and green “PKS” independent computing system compatible with mobile ecology and comparable to the international mainstream architecture, as well as the most dynamic and vibrant application ecology and industrial community. CEC is accelerating the building of core strength and organizational platform of the national Cyberspace Security and Informatization industry. By the end of 2021, CEC has 27 second-level subsidiaries, 17 listed companies and over 190,000 employees, and achieved the revenue of 271.01 billion RMB, ranking among Fortune 500 Global Companies for 11 consecutive years.

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